The Fab Three perform the music of The Beatles channeling the heart and soul of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

No props or costumes just the magic of the music that changed the world!

Original Beatles inspired tunes too.


“When you see them you will be amazed. When you hear Paul Forrest sing, you will think it’s John Lennon in the flesh.”

John Lennon Examiner

”The Fab Three are the very best substitute for the Fab Four. They do spot-on renditions of their songs. The most loving tribute. Paul Forrest does a spooky channeling of John’s voice and his George is great too. Russ Salton is very good with Macca’s songs. Marcie Forrest, the intrepid drummer, is wonderful and she also plays the flute on “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” and others. Plus they have a keyboard set that is killer. This is the most friendly band – interacting with their audience and bringing everyone in on “sing-along” mode. Go see them for the grooviest evening”.
”Peace & Love”
Julie in WA

“You won’t find a better Beatles tribute band, bar none, than The Fab 3. In fact, calling them a tribute band does them a disservice. The Fab 3 reach considerably beyond that concept – no goofy costumes, no act, simply the most stirring live Beatles music you’ve ever heard. I wept the first time I saw them, astonished to hear the Beatles played with such feeling, faith and virtuosity. I plan on following The Fab 3 as often as I can. They’re that good”.
Sam - Vashon Island

What an amazing treat to see and hear The Fab Three in their early performances at a local wine bar in Gig Harbor, Washington.  From the very beginning they presented a high quality,  polished performance of renditions of memorable Beatles songs, with authentic instrumentation and unbelievable harmoniesplus they includedoriginal material.  The sound is so full one can't believe there are just three stellar musicians on stage!  The members are so friendly and engaging that the audiencefeels like it is a "house party" that nobody wants to leave until the very last song is played!”
Mary - Local Musician, Gig Harbor